PBN Development


PBN (PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK) is considered as Grey Hat in the SEO world and the most effective way to dominate the SERPs.


PBN Development Service

– Setting up using diff CDN (Optional)
– install theme, plugins
– about us, contact us, privacy policy
– basic logo made on Canva
– SEO Plugin Installed
– Sitemap Creation
– Robots.txt creation
– 4000+ words
Formatted into 5+ post which would be restored from Wayback Machine
+ some small Extra stuff

We also Provide Expired Domain
and we have contacts to 1$ Shared Hosting which you can use for PBN or we can directly use Trusted PBN Hosting to ease the work

Time Taken for Delivery – 3-7 days

Different Email Creation by us, for registering different CDN & Domain so we don’t leave Footprint which can be detected by Google.

We have been hunting Expired Domains for more than 5 years & providing PBN Development Service for the past 3 years & we know what would give you the best boost & we would hunt & pick domains according to it

What Expired Domain Stats you would be getting?
It would be a mix ranging from RD 15-200 which should have a minimum of 2-3 links from the authority site which would give you a perfect boost

PBN is Grey Hack SEO & Safe to use if Perfect Care is taken

PBN is worth for investment, more you spent in PBN higher quality PBN we develop & better results we get which makes Us & our Client Happy.

All Expired Domain hunting + Registration + 1-month PBN Hosting charges included



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